Tiltable Metal Melting Pot – Type TET

In addition to the sizes listed below, we also have 50Kg.Pb, 150Kg.Pb and 350Kg.Pb as standard products. Due to lead time on components, they are not currently available as buyable options through the website. Please call or email to discuss if you require one of this size.

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Our Type TET melting pot is a specially designed Tiltable Metal Melting Pot. This is an excellent option for industrial and hobbyist users to empty their melting pots quickly by tilting. They can melt metals such as tin, lead, zinc, solder etc. Temperatures go up to 550°C with a fully adjustable digital controller. Pots are made from cast iron with an aluminium or steel case and mild steel safety base plate.

If you do not require the tilting mechanism on the melting pot, then our Type TE might be right for you. Fundamentally the same pot, but without the tilt. This will therefore require you to bale the metal out yourself.

If you feel the Tiltable Metal Melting Pot is insufficient, our Type BPE may be right for you. Again, fundamentally the same pot, but these come with a bottom pouring tap.

Custom Design

If our Type TET is close but not quite what you are looking for, then why not give us a call or an email to discuss some customisations you might require? Our technical sales team are ready to help design your perfect metal melting pot.


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