Bench Top Metal Melters

The SEBA range of bench top metal melters have been designed for the industrial, sporting and hobbyist melting of tin, lead, zinc, solder etc.
Temperatures up to 550 deg C with a fully adjustable digital controller.
Standard voltage 220/240 with alternatives available.
Pots in cast iron with aluminium or steel case and mild steel safety base plate.

There are 3 types of Bench Top Melters: Type TET (tilting), Type TE (bail out), Type BPE (bottom pour)

Models available:

Capacity (Kg.Pb)

Dimensions (mm) Wattage
TE, TET and BPE 5 5 75 dia x 105 deep 750
TE, TET and BPE 20 20 135 dia x 125 deep 1750
TE, TET and BPE 30 30 160 dia x 145 deep 2500
TE, TET and BPE 40 40 200 dia x 140 deep 3000
Melters are supplied complete with switch, indicator lamp, 2m mains cable and fused plug.

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