Wax Melting Equipment

Discover the Perfect Wax Melting Equipment at Seba Developments

Explore our diverse range of Wax Melting Equipment tailored to meet various needs. At Seba Developments, we offer cutting-edge solutions for both industrial and hobbyist users. Choose the ideal equipment for your requirements:

DPS Wax Melting Pot: Compact and Versatile

DPS Wax Melting PotOur DPS Wax Melting Pots are perfect for those with limited space or smaller production volumes. With a 50-250°C melting range, digital control, and safety cut-off features, these pots are ideal for crafting candles or creating protective seals through tool dipping. Capacities range from 0.7L to 20L, offering flexibility for different applications.

DT Heating Tanks: Heavy-Duty Precision

Heating Tanks Type DTDesigned for materials like oil, water, vinyl compounds, and waxes, our DT Heating Tanks are robust and reliable. Featuring a stainless steel construction, double-wall heat-conserving lid, ceramic insulation, twin thermostats, and a thermal cut-out, these tanks ensure precise temperature control (50-200°C) for tooling applications. Higher temperature alternatives are available up to 300°C.

Large Capacity Melters: Scale up Your Operations

Our Large Capacity Melters offer a scaled-up version of the DPS Wax Melting Pot for those requiring substantial melting capacity. With capacities ranging from 40L to 100L, these melters are freestanding and equipped with a convenient tap for easy pouring. The heater positioning allows flexible use at different capacities without overheating.

Rapid Wax Melters: Swift and Efficient

Rapid Wax Melter SystemDesigned for users pressed for time, our Rapid Wax Melters excel at quick and efficient melting of waxes in pellet or block form. Temperature-controlled up to 300°C, these melters feature a hopper filling system and are compatible with various melting tanks, even non-Seba units. Safety features include an indicator, switch, circuit breaker, and thermal cut-out.

Custom Design Solutions: Tailored to Your Needs

Our technical sales team is ready to assist if our standard offerings need to fit your requirements. You can call us at +44 (0) 1535 687799 or email to discuss custom designs and get personalised advice on the best wax melting solution for your specific needs.

Choose Seba Developments for top-notch Wax Melting Equipment that combines innovation, precision, and reliability.