Welcome to the about us page. Here you will be able to get to know a bit more about Seba Developments as a company and the products we supply.

Seba Developments was founded in 1978 designing metal melting pots and over the last 30+ years has expanded its range to become one of the few UK based manufacturers of hobbyist and industrial scale electric metal and wax melting equipment. We are based in Keighley, West Yorkshire where there is a long history of engineering, steel fabrication and design, giving us a very capable and skilled workforce and a local resource of heavy steel fabrication when required.

We supply Wax Melters from 0.7litre to 2000 litre capacity and lead melters from 5Kg to 14 tonnes. Our industrial electric ovens are built to specific customer requirements and range from high-accuracy bench top models for laboratory use, to large drying and curing ovens with internal volumes in the tens of cubic metres.

We manufacture a wide range of electrical process heating equipment for all types of industry. The pages of this web site can give an idea of our standard products but we regularly design and produce customised equipment for customer-specific manufacturing requirements. We have 3D CAD facilities to support our design function so that customers can accurately see the solution we are proposing and can ask for and agree with us any alterations to the design before manufacturing commences.

Our standard ranges of equipment includes ovens, solder pots, melt tanks for both wax and metal use, centrifugal casting equipment, hot plates, fume extraction equipment and much more.

We supply to the oil, precision casting and engineering industries as well as many other market sectors too numerous to list here.

Our products are supplied to customers around the world.