Which Wax is best for you?

Here are Seba Developments; we offer a wide range of waxes. All our waxes are hot-dip applied reservoir core enveloping/encasing barrier coatings. Cleanly removed uncontaminated wax is reusable by melting first and examining for quality before adding it to newly melted stock.


Seba Cote The advantage of this material is that it requires only moderately elevated temperature in use. Hand stripping it from the centre after cutting the touch solid coating. Sebacote was firstly manufactured for core coating. This is a more robust wax and is not easy to peel.



Protectacote was first produced for the protection of tools. It protects the sharp edges and also leaves an oily residue. We have sold this to companies that dip Core samples because you can see through it. They cote cores by wrapping them in tinfoil. They then add a label with all the info and dip the core in wax.



Ergoseal Core Encapsulation Wax

For those more familiar with the Ergoseal range of waxes, we provide Ergoseal 1, 2 and 3.


Other Waxes

Our waxes focus on protective properties, but where our waxes end, our friends at PothHille’s begin. PothHille offers an incredible array of waxes that can all be used in conjunction with our Wax Melting Pot ranges. If you can’t find the wax you need on our site, then make sure to check theirs out.