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Protecta-Cote Coating Wax

This Coating Wax is hot dip and strippable, designed to protect tooling and other metal items such as:

  • Cutting tools
  • Hand tools
  • Engineering gauges
  • High precision components

Protecta-Cote gives a long term protection against corrosion, physical damage and rough handling during storage and transport.

Removing it before using your tools is easy, leaving a rust free clean surface.

It is important to melt Protecta-Cote using equipment designed specifically for this purpose to avoid damage of the product.

Please see our range of SEBA Bench Top Wax Melters in the Wax Melting section for more details.

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From SRD Engineering Ltd:

1 review for Protecta-Cote

  1. Mr Tom Taylor Duxbury

    We sharpen items from wood chisels to horse clippers, knives to secateurs, professional scissors to tin snips. Some edges will cut you to the bone, many are easy to damage. All need protection as do our customers. This strippable wax far exceeded our expectations. Easy to apply by momentarily dipping in the SEBA thermostatic melting pot. Complex and detailed items can be done, so too simple shapes with Protecta cote which is a dream to remove. Much to my surprise it worked a dream on fine toothed clippers peeling with ease and producing a perfect protective and professional finish
    Can recommend.

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