Industrial Ovens

Which Industrial Oven is best for you?

Here at Seba Developments, we offer a wide range of Industrial Ovens well suited to various needs.

Waxing Machines

Waxing Machine - SW5We designed our Waxing Machine to infiltrate parts manufactured on 3D printers. It provides a compact, intelligent and affordable facility for coating your models in wax and drying them within the same unit. The unit consists of a drying oven, which sits above a wax melting tank. A manual lifting mechanism lifts the models between the coating and drying stations. Additionally, the oven and wax melting tank have separate thermostatic control, and all units include a manual reset safety thermal cut-out device as standard. We fitted it with a glass door for ease of viewing components.

Retort Ovens

We designed our Retort Oven for accurate and efficient sample heating to 650°C. The primary use of this oven is for oil discovery. The user heats a soil sample and then checks for oil traces in the vapour. For this reason, the oven is split into two chambers, with ten or twenty condenser tubes per chamber. Each compartment has 1500w or 3000w 240 Volt electric heaters and electronic indicating temperature controllers with easily replaced ‘K’ type thermocouples. We also constructed the oven from stainless steel generously lagged and fitted with a water cooling tray and round condenser tubes.

Electric Benchtop Ovens

Electric Bench Top Ovens - Type HOOur Electric Benchtop Ovens are heavily constructed in mild steel with stove-enamelled exterior and heat-resistant paint inside. They have many different uses, so as which are: Drying, Curing, Heat Treating and Laboratory Requirements. Insulated with 50mm ceramic fibre and fitted with strip heaters of the ceramic insulated, metal sheath type and digitally controlled coupled with optional circulation fan. Temperatures go up to 300°C.

Custom Design

Not seeing someone that would work for you, or want to get some advice from our technical sales team? Give us a call at +44 (0) 1535 687799 or email to discuss anything about our ranges or to start designing your custom product.

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