75W Hot Spatula Iron




75W Hot Spatula Iron is a device especially designed for touch-up work and finishing in the areas of lost wax casting, but also in works such as: cabinet making, fine arts, plasitic works, textile fabric, laboratories

75W Hot Spatula Iron can also provide following applications: heating, veneering, unpasting, cleaning; with a large selection of tips, nozzles and spatulas.


75W Hot spatula iron includes: an iron 75W power ensuring a significant reserve of temperature, a spatula tip 18×90 in aluminium, an iron support. Optional: To increase the accuracy and quality of your work, this iron can be connected to a power regulator which allows operation over a wide range of temperatures from 0 to 300°c maxi.

Technical data

Iron: power supply 230v 75w, heating coiled element “high reliability”, stainless steel heating element, heat-resistant and lightweight handle, max temperature 350 to 400°c according to type of spatula, iron weight with tip: 250g.