SP5 Solder Bath

£1,822.86 (£2,187.43 inc. VAT)

SP5 Rectangular Solder Bath, 700W, 230V, 350°C.

Internal Dimensions 127 x 89 x 89mm



SP5 Solder Bath – SP5 Rectangular Solder Bath, 700W 230V, 350°C

These baths are fitted with efficient, robustly constructed disc type elements and operate at temperatures up to 350°C. The bath itself is constructed from a 6mm steel plate welded on both inside and outside seams. An outer sheet metal case and ‘cool’ mesh guard are also fitted. A lid with a lifting handle is supplied.

Temperature Control Options

The ER6 optional electronic controller with digital readout is separately housed for thermal isolation and connected to the solder bath by the electrical supply lead and thermocouple.


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