HandiPot Solder Pot

HandiPots are our small, circular solder pot range.

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Handipot Series

We Manufacture round and square bench top solder pots in a range of sizes and wattages. Ideal for reliable control of solder temperature in a range of manufacturing environments.

Typical uses include tinning the ends of wire leads, pre-tinning electrical parts, re-tinning soldering iron tips and dip soldering printed circuit boards.


Shown below is our small, circular solder pot range. The D suffix of the HP100D, HP200D and HP350D models denotes Digital temperature control to + or – 5 degrees Celsius. These pots will reach a maximum of 450 degrees Celsius. The HP65 entry level model reaches an uncontrolled temperature of circa 330-350 Celsius.

Our standard models:


Dia x Depth


Max Temp






HP65 25×25 350 0.11 65
HP100D 25×25 450 0.11 125
HP130D 63×51 350 1.4 130
HP200D 63×51 450 1.4 130
HP350D 114×51 450 4.5 400


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