Ultrasonic Soldering System UM250

Solbraze Ultrasonic Products : Ultrasonic Soldering System UM250 Generator
UM250 Generator
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UM250 Bath

The Solbraze Ultrasonic Soldering System makes possible the dip tinning of a wide range of both metallic and non-metallic materials without the use of any flux.

The ultrasonic soldering system consists of two main components; an ultrasonic probe and a generator. The design of the probe is such that it will resonate at a set ultrasonic frequency of around 20kHz which is transmitted to the solder bath via a transducer and ultrasonic probe, or sometimes referred to as an energy horn. This horn or probe enters through the side of the solder bath and is partially immersed in the solder. The generator will automatically adjust its output frequency to match the exact resonant frequency of the probe assembly. The generator also controls the amplitude of the ultrasonic vibration, and will give a maximum power output of 250W.

The system is usually used with a solder bath which has an element rating of 700W and a capacity of approx. 10 kgs. There is a solder temperature light on the front of the generator which is not in use during operation without a solder bath.

It is essential that the ultrasonic transducer remains cool, and because of this the transducer housing is fitted with a fan, and compressed air is supplied to the cooling collar on the probe. If the supplied system is used with small components heated by hot air, it is likely that the compressed air cooling will not be required.

Product Features

  • On/Off switch
  • Run LED indicators
  • Standby, continuous and timed modes
  • Mains input lead with filtered IEC connector
  • Transducer connector and lead
  • Transducer temperature alarm and over-ride
  • Continuously variable power output control
  • Activity meter
  • External control of operation by timer or footswitch

Product Specification

Frequency of operation: 20 kHz (nominal)
Output power: 0- 250 Watts (electrical)
Input voltage: 200-250V 50-60Hz
Power input: 550 VA (maximum)
Timer, standard: 0.1 to 9.9 seconds

Specifications Sheet